Links to Other Harp Sites of Interest

  • The Folk Harp Society
    The International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsman (ISFHC) was established in the late 70’s by Robbie Robinson, and has long been an active part of folk harping every since. The Folk Harp Journal comes out 4 times a year, and, in 2008, became a full-color, professionally laid out magazine meeting the needs of folk harpers around the world. Membership is only $30 US per year, and worth every penny.
    Join at The Folk Harp Society
  • The Harp Gathering
    The Harp Gathering is a 3-day harp conference (with an optional extra day), currently held each year in mid-May at the Sauder Village, Heritage Inn in Archbold, Ohio. The conference is filled with excellent workshops, concert performances, and shopping. Heartland Harps are in the vendor hall each year with most models on hand to see and try.
  • The Somerset Folk Harp Festival
    This annual 4-day festival is a wonderful celebration of the diversity of styles and types of music, and experience of players within the folk harp world. It offers a large variety of workshops—giving you the opportunity to both increase your skills in a familiar area and/or try something totally new. The concert line-up will delight and inspire you, while expanding your musical horizons. The Somerset Exhibit Hall boasts ‘the best harp shopping on the east coast’, with the widest selection of instruments and music. This also is a great opportunity to see and taste highly-crafted harps from domestic and international builders, including the Heartland carbon fiber harps.
  • Melody’s Traditional Music A wealth of harp music, and harp-related accessories.