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Now Taking Pre-Orders: New Air Serenity Lap Harp!

Photo: Retired Heartland Serenity wood lap harp—pattern for carbon fiber Air Serenity lap harp prototype Patterned after the original Heartland Serenity wood lap harp, this new carbon fiber lap harp will be the ultimate travel harp and/or therapy harp. With a weight of about 3.5 pounds—fully levered—this harp can be taken virtually anywhere. The Air Serenity is also at an attractive price point for harpists looking to add a Heartland carbon fiber harp to their collection. The Air Serenity will possess all the same qualities as our other harp models, including concert string spacing. This lightweight [...]

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Harp Amplification

To amplify or not to amplify—that is the question There are several aspects to consider when deciding on your harp amplification… Where will I be playing? How large or small is my audience? How will I transport the equipment? What depth or quality of sound do I want to project? If you do decide you want or need amplification, the next decision will be how to amplify your harp. Understanding the equipment used in harp amplification is the first step in your decision making process. What are the various components of an amplification system? Pickup: [...]

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Carbon Fiber Fabrication Shop Grand Opening

We had a fantastic Grand Opening for our new carbon fiber fabrication facility last month, on August 9th! The day kicked off with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony hosted by the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce. Harpists, members of the local business community, friends, and family were here to help us celebrate, taste our harps, and see how all the magic happens. The local press, both TV and paper, were here to cover the event and share the exciting news with the local community. Dave and Christian led guests on tours through the facility as they, [...]

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String Spacing

There are two types of string spacing, equal and concert. Pianos are strung with equal spacing, meaning they are the same distance from center-to-center. Some harps are strung with equal spacing; however, most builders use concert spacing, where the distance is graduated and narrower at the top than in the bass strings. Concert spacing is based on pedal harp spacing of strings, which promotes ease of play. Since there are not harp industry standard guidelines, it is up to the individual builder as to how the strings are spaced. In addition, the nuances of the [...]

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String Tension

String tension refers to the amount of give a string has when engaged by the player. In layman’s terms, how hard is the string to pull? Higher-tension harps mean the strings are harder to pull (less give) and lower-tension harps are easier to pull (more give). String tension varies between different models of harps. There’s no right or wrong with string tension. Higher (or lower) is not better, but depends on the size harp, the maker, and the player’s needs. Pedal harps tend to have higher string tension than most lever harps, due to size [...]

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