Photo: Retired Heartland Serenity wood lap harp—pattern for carbon fiber Air Serenity lap harp prototype

Patterned after the original Heartland Serenity wood lap harp, this new carbon fiber lap harp will be the ultimate travel harp and/or therapy harp. With a weight of about 3.5 pounds—fully levered—this harp can be taken virtually anywhere. The Air Serenity is also at an attractive price point for harpists looking to add a Heartland carbon fiber harp to their collection.

The Air Serenity will possess all the same qualities as our other harp models, including concert string spacing. This lightweight lap harp, though smaller in voice, will deliver the same rich tone and surprising volume as all of our beloved carbon fiber harps. The string tension will be lighter, making it ideal for therapy.

We are nearing completion on the prototype and are planning to go into production late Fall 2018. For more information or to preorder a lap harp email Carrie at or call 828-708-2354.


  • All carbon fiber
  • 25 strings, C to F
  • Fully levered with Truitt levers
  • Dimensions: 34” H at top of pillar, 10″ W at bottom of soundboard, 19″ W across neck or front
    ​​​​​​​to back
  • Weight: approximately 3.5 pounds
  • Deluxe soft-sided carrying case
  • Brass-plated guitar strap buttons
  • Custom guitar strap
  • Optional Fishman pickup installed
  • Optional LED colored lights installed