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“My harp is absolutely GORGEOUS and has an incredible tone after only a week! I took it to my lesson on Saturday and both my instructor AND her instructor (both pedal harp players) were extremely impressed by the style, the tone and, of course, the color! This is truly my “Dream Harp” and I had to tell them both all about the carbon fiber harps and your web-site. (Of course, I wouldn’t tell them the exact color number of my harp – don’t want anyone to copy mine exactly!). Don’t be surprised if you begin hearing from other people in San Antonio for information and orders on your wonderful harps. Thank you, again!”

Peggy, San Antonio, TX

“I just want to tell you again how perfect this harp is. The sound is exactly what I wanted. It’s amazing how it can be both transparent and haunting at one and the same time. You have pulled off something really really special with this harp. The more I play it (and I’m playing it a lot) the more I am amazed at it.”

Kye Nelson

“Rather than trouble you with phone calls at a time when I’m sure you are wildly busy, I thought I would send a message to let you know how thrilled I am with the Infinity! I never imagined a harp that weighs less than my music bag, that allows me the freedom to move easily through hospital corridors and in and out of patients’ rooms as a CMP. This is a joy and the color is perfect! Everyone wants to touch it and pick it up to marvel at the portability and sound of my new instrument.

“I produce a monthly newsletter for our harp community and would like to put in a picture and review, with your permission to use the description from your web page. Meanwhile, I and many others will continue to enjoy this harp. Many thanks and I hope this finds you well.”

Laura Hughes

“Sorry to be a little late in letting you know that my harp arrived last Thursday, just as you said it would. The FedEx delivery man was so excited about delivering it, I had to open it on the spot! Everyone thought it should be left at the office because it was so beautiful!

The president of CodaBow, a composite company that makes high-end carbon fiber violin and cello bows that are exported all over the world to the best players in the world, wanted to see my harp. He came over and was amazed at the instrument. Said it was obvious you were a master and that the harp was a quantum step forward, most particularly because of its use in an acoustical application.

He was impressed with the design, especially how you had handled the string tension, and also with how beautiful it was. Anyway, it made me feel very happy that I had taken the leap, not knowing anything about the construction other than that it was light weight. He may call you sometime – he is a very nice guy and very smart. His name is Jeff VanFossen, so that if he calls, you will know why. After he had examined it, he ran home to get an amplifier and plug so we could try that out also. That also worked very well and even with the amp being an inexpensive one, the sound was clear and pleasant.

So needless to say, I am pleased with my harp that feels like a light weight toy but plays like a harp! It has already caused my practice time to increase because it is so enjoyable to play. Thanks for your expertise and service. I am very glad I made the decision to buy the harp.”

Jonelle Moore

“Just to update you. I, finally, got my Delight back from my daughter. The sound is even better than I had anticipated or heard via computer and phone. I could not be happier. Must tell you that, when a friend visited, I picked up the harp to clear a space for us. She gasped and asked what pound weights I was working out with. I mentioned 10 1/2 pounds and she was very impressed. I feel as though this is the 19th century and I have just bought a bicycle…it is the future. Someday I think you will make pedal harps like this. Anyway, thank you and I LOVE THE HARP!”

Nancy Joroff

“Infinity goes almost everywhere with me, and has become my #1 performance harp.”

Mary S, PA

“I brought my Heartland Harp Delight (carbon fiber) harp to the Orange
County Harp Troupe meeting last week, and everyone was nuts for it. I even
smacked it with a fork to show them how tough it is. Fun times. Clearly an
easily amused Irish person on this end.”

Mary Ellen Fitzgerald

“I just wanted to let you know that my harp arrived yesterday afternoon about 4:00. Stanley and I waited on the front porch for the truck all afternoon hoping it wouldn’t be as late as 7:00 like it said on the tracking info, and suddenly it came around the corner. We jumped up and ran out into the street, surprising the driver who laughed at us as Stanley helped her get it off the truck. In no time at all we had it unpacked and I started to tune her up. She’s beautiful and sounds amazing. I will continue to strive to bring out the beautiful music that resides in her and be worthy of our your skill and expertise. Thank you for meeting with us and helping us to make this decision.”

Yvonne and Stanley Crane