Hard to believe it’s not real wood!

Woodgrain carbon fiber lever harp
Woodgrain Starlight carbon fiber pedal harp

Using a relatively new process called Water Transfer Printing, we now offer incredibly realistic wood grain patterns on any of our harps, including the our Starlight Concert Grand pedal harp. As you can see in the first picture above, we can give the soundboard the look of a lighter colored, spruce-like soundboard, or 6 other lighter colors, including birdseye maple. You also have a choice of 8 ‘tone wood’ woods, for the body and neck/pillar of the harp. The options are shown below. If you would like to see two colors side by side, feel free to open this page in two browser pages, and bring up a different wood grain in each one.

This finish allows you to create any wood grain look you like. The wood grained harps are fully waterproof, and heat, cold, and humidity don’t bother them at all. They do have an automotive clear coat over the wood grain, so anything that would chip or scratch your car would do the same to these harps. They require a bit more care than the Classic Black harps. On the other hand, any small chips or dings can just be touched up with a furniture touch up pen!

If you have any questions about it, or if we can be of any other help with any aspect of our harps, please feel free to email or call us any time.


The Wood Grain Finish can be applied to any of our harps. The cost for the Wood Grain Finish is an additional $600 to $1,400 for our lever harps (depending on the model) and an additional $4,400 for our Concert Grand pedal harp. This finish also adds 2 to 3 weeks to the overall build process, making the build time about a month and a half—from the time we start your harp, until the harp is completed and ready to send to you.

Wood Grain Options

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