The 47-String Starlight

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The 47-String Starlight

The Starlight is our full-sized Concert Grand 47-string pedal harp, with a precision mechanism made in Switzerland. It is strung with Premier Gut Strings, D’Addario nylon uppers, and tarnish-resistant bass wire strings. The voice of this harp is even throughout the range, from a strong, powerful bass to a clear, resonant upper register. The Starlight possesses the same durability, stability, and other advantages of all our carbon fiber harps.

Most concert grand pedal harps in the world weigh between 84 and 100 pounds. The Starlight weighs an astonishing 38 pounds, making it even possible to carry Starlight by its column, in the horizontal position, the way many lever harp players carry their harps. The Starlight opens up a whole new world of harp playing.

Technical Details

Overall Height: 71 inches
Width at base of Soundboard: 17 inches
Total Average Weight: 38 pounds
Number of Strings: 47 (Premier Gut, D’Addario Nylon uppers, and 12 wire bass strings)
Range: 7 octaves, C to G
String Spacing: Concert (Graduated)



Standard Classic Black: $31,900 (includes Truitt levers, carrying case, and tuning wrench)
Wood Grain or Painted Finish: additional $4,000
Shipping: TBD at time of order


LED Lights

We offer the option of state-of-the-art LED lights installed under the neck on any of our carbon fiber lever harps. They’re specifically designed to shine down primarily on the strings and the players hands, rather than the whole area. The lights display the red, green, blue spectrum (and can also be set to white), with the ability to create 27 different shades. They also can be set to various levels of brightness, and 15 different transitional themes–including flashing, pulsing, strobing, etc. For more information and pictures visit our LED Lights page.

RGB LED Lights installed: $400


We can install a Fishman single-transducer pickup in your harp. This will enable you to plug your harp into most amplifiers or amplification systems without using a microphone. Being amplified couldn’t be easier!

Fishman pickup installed: $125

Electronic Tuner

We offer the Korg CA40 tuner, which works well with the harp. We supply it with a small clip pickup, so you can tune your harp even in a noisy room. Each string will be registered, along with an indication of how ‘in tune’ it is. Simply turn the tuning pin, using your tuning wrench, until the Korg CA40 tuner indicates that your harp is in tune.

Korg CA40 Electronic tuner w/pickup$50