The 36-String Legend

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The Legend is our newest super lightweight harp

the 36-String Legend

The 36-String Legend

The Legend is the newest introduction to our carbon fiber harp line. It’s a full-sized 36-string harp, from C to C, with a straight soundboard and a round (stave) back. It is designed to be leaned back on the players’ shoulder, but is so light that it doesn’t put any real weight on the shoulder. The Legend has a remarkable tone and volume, surprising even those who are skeptical of the carbon fiber harps. It shares all the amazing advantages of the other carbon fiber harps–incredible durability, stability of tuning, gold plated hardware, etc.

Why, you might ask, after 27 years of building harps with curved soundboxes, did we create the Legend with a straight soundboard? As popular as the Delight and Infinity have been, there are still some players that just can’t get their heads around a harp with a curved soundboard. Many of them have been playing harp for many years, and really need the advantages of a carbon fiber harp–just with a straight soundboard. So here it is!

The Legend comes standard with full Truitt sharping levers, gold-plated hardware, a deluxe two-part carrying case and a rubber-coated ergonomic tuning wrench. The standard Legend comes in an elegant Classic Black–up close you can see the carbon fiber weave below a shiny, clear finish. The carbon fiber is specifically cut and laid out to be seen and admired. We can also create your Legend in any color you wish, all with a deep, luxurious finish, and gold accents are available as well. The Legend is not only a spectacularly pretty harp, it’s a joy to carry anywhere. Also, because the carbon fiber material doesn’t shrink and swell as wood does, the Legend holds it tune much better than most harps.

Gold-plated hardware, standard on the Legend, offers several advantages. While it doesn’t affect the sound or function of the harp, it really dresses it up. The Truitt sharping levers are already gold plated, but on the Legend, the tuning pins, the bridge pins, the soundboard eyelets for the strings and even the screws that hold the sharping levers on the harp are all beautifully gold plated. The other benefit of the gold plating is that your harp will always look new and fresh, because none of the metal parts will tarnish, rust or discolor in any way. So this is a great way to add that little touch of extra class to your new harp!

Technical Details

Overall Height: 51″
Width at base of soundboard: 15″
Total Average Weight: 10 pounds
Number of Strings: 36 NYLON (7 wire bass strings), also available with Fluorocarbon or Gut strings
String Spacing: Concert (Graduated)


Coming soon…


In Classic Black$7,400.00 (With Full Truitt Levers, Case and Gold-plated Hardware)
In Your Choice of Color$8,600.00 (With Full Truitt Levers, Case and Gold-plated Hardware)
In Your Choice of Wood Grain$8,800.00 (With Full Truitt Levers, Case and Gold-plated Hardware)
Fluorocarbon Strings$150.00 Additional
Spare String Set$160.00 in Nylon
Shipping: $275.00 (within Cont. US)(Call or email with country and postal code for international shipping rates.)


LED Lights

We offer the option of state-of-the-art LED lights installed under the neck on any of our carbon fiber lever harps. They’re specifically designed to shine down primarily on the strings and the players hands, rather than the whole area. The lights display the red, green, blue spectrum (and can also be set to white), with the ability to create 27 different shades. They also can be set to various levels of brightness, and 15 different transitional themes–including flashing, pulsing, strobing, etc. For more information and pictures visit our LED Lights page.

RGB LED Lights installed: $250


We can install a Fishman single-transducer pickup in your harp. This will enable you to plug your harp into most amplifiers or amplification systems without using a microphone. Being amplified couldn’t be easier!

Fishman pickup installed: $100

Electronic Tuner

We offer the Korg CA40 tuner, which works well with the harp. We supply it with a small clip pickup, so you can tune your harp even in a noisy room. Each string will be registered, along with an indication of how ‘in tune’ it is. Simply turn the tuning pin, using your tuning wrench, until the Korg CA40 tuner indicates that your harp is in tune.

Korg CA40 Electronic tuner w/pickup$35