The Delight

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The Infinity


I’ve spent the last 2 years replacing the molds for the Legend and the Delight.  The Legend molds are done, and the Delight molds should be finished and in production by May 15th.  These 2 molds have been basically replicating the previous molds in better materials and some minor changes as part of the digitization of the process.  The Infinity is a different story.  It was a unique harp from the beginning, largely because it was made all one piece (or 2 complete halves glued together), unlike the others that have a neck/pillar piece separate from the soundbox.  It’s been a challenge from the beginning both for the carbon fiber fabrication shop and for me in drilling and completing the harp.  So, it’s time for the Infinity to meld into the newest form, the Oasis.  I’m still in the design stage (getting to design the whole thing on the computer for the first time, and 3D print scale models along the way), but it looks like it’s going to be 34 strings (bass C up to top A) and still much shorter than the Legend for portability.  I’m not sure yet where it’s going in terms of the retractable leg or perhaps some kind of stand.  If the mold making process continues to go fairly quickly, I’m hoping to have the new Oasis harps ready to start production about August 1st, 2023.


$7,100 US

Standard Classic Black Finish
Includes full sharping levers, deluxe carrying case, ergonomic tuning wrench

Painted Finish

1 Color + $1200 USD

2 Colors + $1,600 USD


Technical Details


8 lbs. (3.6 kg)


Height: 41” (104 cm)
Depth: 26” ( 66 cm)
Width at Base: 17”(43 cm)


Standard – Nylon with 7 wire-wound bass strings

Fluorocarbon(Savarez) +$280 USD

Spacing – Concert/Graduated


36 Strings
5 Octaves
C to C