The Delight

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The Infinity

This harp has a full 36-string range, from C to C, with concert spacing and great string tension. It features a curved soundbox and an extendable leg to rest on the floor when sitting or standing. The leg is stored inside the harp,  and held in place by a clamp. At only 42 inches tall and 8 pounds (fully levered), this harp is highly-portable, and thrives in situations that would destroy a traditional wood harp. The harp has a depth and power of tone that belies the size and weight.


$7,100 US

Standard Classic Black Finish
Includes full sharping levers, deluxe carrying case, ergonomic tuning wrench

Painted Finish

1 Color + $1200 USD

2 Colors + $1,600 USD


Technical Details


8 lbs. (3.6 kg)


Height: 41” (104 cm)
Depth: 26” ( 66 cm)
Width at Base: 17”(43 cm)


Standard – Nylon with 7 wire-wound bass strings

Fluorocarbon(Savarez) +$280 USD

Spacing – Concert/Graduated


36 Strings
5 Octaves
C to C