The Carbon Fiber 25-String Air Serenity Lap Harp

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This 25-string lap harp is the ultimate travel and/or therapy harp. At a weight of five pounds—fully levered—this harp can be taken virtually anywhere. The Air Serenity possesses all the same qualities as all other harp models, including concert string spacing. This lightweight lap harp, though smaller in voice, delivers the same rich tone and surprising volume as all the carbon fiber harps. The string tension is lighter, making it ideal for therapy. The harp features a curved soundbox, with brass-plated harp strap buttons on either side. It also comes with a custom harp strap for increased stabilization.

Technical Details

Overall Height: 34 inches
Width at Base of Soundboard: 10 inches
Total Average Weight: 5 pounds
Number of Strings: 25 (Nylon, including 5 nylon-wound bass strings)
Range: 3+ octaves, C to F
String Spacing: Concert (Graduated)



Standard Classic Black: $2,500 (includes Truitt levers, carrying case, and tuning wrench)
Painted Finish: additional $500
Wood Grain Finish: additional $600
Upgrade to Fluorocarbon Strings: additional $90
Additional Nylon Spare String Set: $100
Shipping: $125 (within continental US, contact us for international rates)