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From our 25-string Air Serenity lap harp to our 47-string Starlight Concert Grand pedal harp, Heartland brings you the finest in lightweight carbon fiber harps. All models come standard in our elegant Classic Black finish. Up close you can see the carbon fiber weave below a shiny, clear finish. The carbon fiber is specifically cut and laid out to be seen and admired. There is also the option of a painted or wood grain finish as well.

All Heartland lever harps feature tarnish-resistant gold-plated levers, tuning pins, bridge pins, and string eyelets. The gold hardware is further accented by gold striping down the center of the neck and pillar. These gold accents enhance the elegance, giving the harps a rich, warm look. The lever harps come with full Truitt sharping levers, a custom deluxe soft-sided carrying case, and a rubber-coated ergonomic tuning wrench. All lever harp models come standard with nylon strings, with an optional upgrade to fluorocarbon strings.

Heartland Harps - Starlight

The Carbon Fiber 47-String Starlight

The Starlight is a full-sized Concert Grand 47-string pedal harp, with a precision mechanism made in Switzerland. It is strung with Premier Gut Strings, D’Addario nylon uppers, and tarnish-resistant bass wire strings. The voice of this harp is even throughout the range, from a strong, powerful bass to a clear, resonant upper register… read more

The Carbon Fiber 36-String Legend

The Legend is our most popular harp model. It is a full-sized 36-string lever harp, that weighs an astonishing 10.6 pounds. The Legend has concert string spacing with a 5-octave range from C to C. This harp features a classic straight soundboard and a round (stave) back. It is designed to be leaned back on the shoulder, but is so light that it does not put any real weight on the shoulder… read more

The Carbon Fiber 38-String Delight

The Delight is our largest full-size carbon fiber lever harp, and yet weighs an amazing 11.2 pounds. It has 38-strings with a delightful deep, rich tone in the lower register. The Delight features the unique design of a curved soundbox, making it an aesthetically-pleasing harp of all curves. This design also provides the advantages of rigidity, strength, and comfort…read more

The Carbon Fiber 36-String Infinity

The Infinity carbon fiber harp has a full 36-string range, from C to C, with concert spacing and great string tension. It features a curved soundbox and an extendable leg to rest on the floor when sitting or standing. The leg is stored inside the harp, and held in place by a clamp…read more

carbon fiber harp, wood grain finish, double strung harp

The Carbon Fiber 36-String Double Strung Legend

This harp is our first double strung model, and is based on our most popular model–the Legend. The body of the harp is the same as the Legend, which features a straight soundboard and a rounded (stave) back. It is a full-sized double strung 36-string lever harp, with two parallel rows of strings…read more

The Carbon Fiber 25-String Air Serenity Lap Harp

This 25-string lap harp is the ultimate travel and/or therapy harp. At a weight of five pounds—fully levered—this harp can be taken virtually anywhere. The Air Serenity possesses all the same qualities as all other harp models, including concert string spacing. This lightweight lap harp, though smaller in voice, delivers the same rich tone and surprising volume… read more