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From the 36-string Infinity to the 47-string Starlight, Heartland brings you only finest in light-weight carbon fiber harps. They all share the same beautiful, attention-grabbing craftsmanship and many of the same features, to bring you many years of playing pleasure. The models vary in size, sound, and number of strings (notes), so you can choose the model that’s right for you. Give us a call to discuss your needs, and your dreams!

Heartland Harps - Starlight

The Carbon Fiber 47-string Starlight

After more than four years of development, the 38-pound Starlight concert grand pedal harp is finally ready for prime time. Starlight is a full-sized concert grand 47-string harp, with a mechanism made in Switzerland, with all the precision and smoothness that that implies. It also has all the durability, stability and other advantages that our carbon fiber lever harps have showcased for over 5 years – your music stand won’t damage the Starlight, you can leave it in a car or van while you go in for lunch… read more

Our Newest Carbon Fiber 36-string Legend

The Legend is Heartland Harps’ newest carbon fiber harp, and does it have an amazing sound! The Legend is a full-sized, floor-standing 36-string harp with a range of C to C, and weighs just 10 pounds! It has a straight soundboard and a round back, so it’s designed to be leaned back on the players’ shoulder, but it’s so light that it doesn’t put any real weight on the shoulder. You really have to hear this harp to believe the tone quality, though …read more

The Carbon Fiber 38-string Delight

The Delight is our first ever light-weight, full size carbon fiber lever harp, fashioned after our popular DragonHeart line. The Delight has 38 strings (going down to A 3 octaves below Middle C), concert spacing and tension, and a tone that you have to hear to believe. And, most importantly, it only weighs 10.6 POUNDS! …read more

The Carbon Fiber 36-string Infinity

The Infinity is Heartland’s lightest carbon fiber harp. It has a full 36-string range, from C to C, with concert spacing and great string tension. At only 42″ tall and 8 pounds, fully levered, this harp will go with you anywhere and thrive in situations that would destroy a traditional wood harp. It has a depth and power to the tone that belies the size and weight …read more