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For Playing in a Dark Room or When You’re Not Playing At All

We now offer state-of-the-art LED lights installed under the neck on any of our carbon fiber lever harps. They’re specifically designed to shine down primarily on the strings and the players hands, rather than the whole area. We’ve had players use the lights in completely blacked-out rooms, and be able to play without any problem at all. The lights can be set to white, and set to whatever level of brightness is most useful, or they can be put in various ‘modes’ of flashing, pulsing, strobing, etc, for when you take a break or before you come on stage.

All our LED light systems now use a custom-made, fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, and have a separate on/off switch as well as a small remote control/dimmer unit to control the lights. As much as people are impressed when they first see the harps, they’re always even more impressed when the lights come on, and even more still when you control them from your pocket! The lights are not only very useful in dark environments, they also increase the ‘wow’ factor of the harps.


The Remote Control/Dimmer for the White LED’s, and for the Color LED’s.

The LED lights are available in White, which is fully dimmable and has the various modes for flashing and pulsing, or in Color, which allows you set it in white and leave it there, or set it to any of 22 different colors, or multicolor modes of flashing and pulsing. The White option is all that’s needed for using the lights exclusively for playing in dark area, but the Color option just adds that extra level of ‘bling’ for both the players and the audience, whoever they are.


White LED Lights (with remote control/dimmer control unit) – $200 USD
Color LED Lights (with remote control/dimmer control unit) – $250 USD
All prices are the same for the Infinity, Legend, or Delight models.