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Why choose one of our Harps?

Building harps is not a side-line for us, it’s how we’ve made our living since the mid-80’s, and we’re committed to building the best-sounding, best-looking, and most playable instrument we can. The features that make Heartland harps distinctive are in all three of our models (except for the Legend’s straight soundboard, of course).

Features like:

THE CARBON FIBER ITSELFCarbon fiber is one of the most amazing materials around. The average wall thickness throughout the harps is only .035″ – about as thick as 6 or 7 sheets of paper! This thin material makes an amazingly resonant harp, whatever the size. It’s also one of the toughest materials out there, being used in bicycles, sailboats, tennis rackets, etc. I’ve actually hit a carbon harp with a hammer, fairly hard, with no visible effect whatsoever. And because there’s no wood at all in these harps to shrink or swell with humidity changes, they tend to be more stable, tuning-wise, than traditional harps. And Heartland is the only company in the world, at this point, offering a fully carbon fiber harp that’s anywhere near this lightweight.

THE CURVED SOUNDBOX – Many people ask why we build harps with a curved soundbox, when all other harps built in the US have straight ones. The curve was a design that Dave created for aesthetic reasons, but there are other advantages. Heartland harps don’t have to be tipped back, so there is no weight resting on the player’s shoulder, no matter how light the harp is. This makes it very ergonomic! I’ve had a number of people say that they find they can play their Heartland far longer than they could their other harps, and with less physical discomfort during or after playing. Also, because of the curve, there is extra room in the upper octave for the player’s right hand. And the sound is terrific!

VOLUME – The size of the soundboard, as well as the thinness of the carbon fiber material, gives these harps incredible volume as well as a clear, mellow tone. The tone of the bass strings is enhanced by our ‘pillar through soundboard’ design on the Delight and Legend, which allows the soundboard to vibrate fully. One of the first comments new owners usually make is on the volume they can get out of their harp without a lot of effort.

TENSION – To get the best sound from a harp and make it easier to play, you need adequate string tension. There is no ‘standard’ tension, but our harps would be rated as medium to high tension. This makes it easier to get good sound from the harp and generally makes the harp more responsive.

SPACING – All Heartland harps have concert spacing – in other words, narrower at the top than in the bass. This is based on pedal harp spacing, and again makes it easier to play.

10-YEAR WARRANTY – Yes, all Heartland harps come with a full 10-year warranty. You can check out the warranty page for the details.