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Harp Carrying Cases

Beautiful cases made in-house for our harps.

Included with the purchase of your Heartland carbon fiber lever harp is a custom-made fully padded case that we now make in-house. We get rave reviews on the cases from customers and others at the harp conferences where we show them off.

All our cases are fully padded now and a bit more tailored, for a little more protection and a little better appearance. The Infinity case is still one piece, with the zipper going up the front of the pillar and across the top of the neck. The Legend and Delight cases are in two parts, with the base piece separate from the ‘dust cover’ style upper part. The harps are much easier to get in and out of the cases, especially for one person working solo. The pictures below will give a better idea of how they work.

The harp is placed on the base of the case, and the top is put on like a dust cover.

The cover is zipped up (down?), and the base flaps are Velcro’d in place, locking the two together.