Led Lights

We offer the option of state-of-the-art LED lights installed under the neck on any of our carbon fiber lever harps. The lights are not only very useful for playing in dark environments, they also increase the ‘wow’ factor of the harps. The lights are specifically designed to shine down primarily on the strings and the players hands, rather than the whole area. The lights display the red, green, blue spectrum (and can also be set to white), with the ability to create 27 different shades. They also can be set to various levels of brightness, and 15 different transitional themes—including flashing, pulsing, strobing, etc., which can create a dramatic effect before you come on stage or when you take a break.

All our LED light systems now use a custom, fully-rechargeable, lithium-ion battery pack. It has an on/off switch accessed on the back of the harp just inside the soundbox, as well as a small remote control/dimmer unit to control the lights. As much as people are impressed when they first see the harps, they are even more impressed when the lights come on, and even more still when you control them from your pocket!

Color LED Lights (Installed): $250 (for lever harps), $400 (for pedal harp)

lightweight harp, carbon fiber harp
lightweight harp, carbon fiber harp
lightweight harp, carbon fiber harp
lightweight harp, carbon fiber harp


There is the option to install a Fishman single-transducer pickup in your harp that will enable you to plug your harp into most amplifiers or amplification systems without using a microphone. Being amplified could not be easier!

harp amplification

Formerly, we used a multi-transducer pickup systems, but found that the single transducer gives a clearer, cleaner output when paired with the carbon fiber. We believe it has to do with how hard and dense the carbon fiber is, so the sound generated in one part of the harp travels through the whole harp, and the single transducer gets less confused.

Fishman Pickup (Installed): $125 (for lever harps)

Electronic Tuner

Korg Tuner, Korg MicrophoneWe offer the Korg CA-50 tuner, which works well with our carbon fiber harps. It also comes with a clip-on CM-300 contact microphone, so you can tune your harp even in a noisy room. Each string will be registered, along with an indication of how ‘in tune’ it is. Simply turn the tuning pin, using your tuning wrench, until the Korg CA-50 tuner indicates that your harp is in tune.

Korg CA-50 Electronic Tuner with Clip-on CM-300 Contact Microphone: $50

Lap Stick or Lap Bar

The Heartland Harp Lap Stick is a perfect companion to our Air Serenity and Double Stung Air Serenity lap harps. The lap stick is designed to be attached to the lower oval opening in the back of the soundbox. It can be adjusted up or down for a proper fit (depending on the harpist’s height and comfort), and then tightened in place. Once secured to the harp, the lap stick rests on top of the  player’s legs, which aids in further stabilization (in addition to the harp strap) of the lightweight lap harps.

Lap Stick:  $45

Replacement Strings

If your harp has nylon strings, (depending on how often you play) you will need to change the strings about every year and a half to three years. Also, very occasionally, a string will break, and having a spare string on hand to replace it immediately is helpful. Also, since the strings do not age in the bag, a spare set can be ordered along with the purchase of your harp. If you already own a Heartland Harp and do not have a spare set of strings, you can order your replacement strings directly from Vermont Strings by emailing or  vtstrings@vtusa.net or calling 802-244-8564.

If you have fluorocarbon strings, you can also purchase fluorocarbon spares or sets from Vermont Strings, but you will only need to change the nylon top register and the wires in the bass every two or so years. Joan at Vermont Strings can provide you with partial sets to take care of this, as well. Gut strings should be changed every year or so, and can be ordered through Heartland. We also have both string charts and string changing directions on our website for all current Heartland models.

All string pricing can be found on our compete Heartland Harps Price List.